Nikon F

My beloved Nikon F

Ok, so technically it doesn’t belong to me (yet), but I look after this gorgeous camera like it’s my very own. It’s built like a tank, incredibly sturdy and reliable. The downside is that it does weigh quite a bit, but it’s worth carrying around for the beautiful images it is capable of producing. The best part about it is the incredibly convenient light meter it has, so ahead of its time.

In high school I was quite far from being the greatest student. In fact I was a pretty lousy at studying, and I was incapable of staying focused on anything other than my social life … until I finally landed the photography class I had always aspired to take. As far back as middle school, I would constantly apply to take photography as an elective, only to be disappointed each semester. Looking back now, I assume my poor grades were the reason for never having been granted priority placement, but when I did finally land my long-coveted class in high school, it didn’t disappoint. Neither did I. I took it very seriously, like no other class I had taken before. It seemed to make sense to me, amongst the many other subjects I constantly questioned the benefit in requiring. I would skip my lunch break to develop film and make prints in the darkroom, but it didn’t dawn on me until much later that I could eventually do something creative for a living. I barely graduated high school, but my validation for all my hard work came in the form of receiving a number of awards. In addition to placing in a number of student juried exhibits, I received a Heritage Award, presented by my high school. It was considered the highest honor one could receive in each subject of study, and even now I am incredibly proud to have been the single recipient of that honor amongst the other talented photography classmates I had.

Of course I don’t feel that I would have had any success without the proper tools! That’s where my beloved Nikon F comes in. Since my photography class required us to shoot using a camera with manual controls, my dad happily lent me his camera, which was gifted to him by my late grandfather– his father in law. It was the same camera that I had grown up going on family trips standing in front of, where my dad would spend upwards of 30 seconds composing and crafting our photo to the point of my mom shouting at him for taking too long. My grandfather was an amateur photographer with a substantial camera collection and albums to show for it. I most specifically recall a delicately hand colored candid photo of my grandma holding my mom’s hand when she was a toddler, with their surroundings cut out leaving just the two of them on a floating plastic-peel away sticky photo album page.

Nikon F detail

I have since taken this camera in my possession, but my dad still gives me the impression that it belongs to him by asserting “It was a gifted to me from Grandpa.” I respect his claim, and that’s why I still look after and use it with great care. I think we both know that if I were to return it to him, it would be stowed away forever. Although I’m not constantly using it, I’m happy to take it out for a spin whenever we take a short special trip or something. Reminiscing about it now makes me want to plan for an occasion to use it. If I do, I’ll soon update with some photos in an upcoming post!!

Unique USA - LA Summer Market 2014

Unique USA – LA Summer Market 2014

It’s confirmed!! We’ve been accepted once again to appear at Unique USA’s LA Summer Market this August 9 and 10th!

Save the date (and some money to go shopping)!

Where: The Penthouse at California Market Center, 110 East Ninth St.
Hours: 11am-6pm (both Saturday & Sunday)
Parking: There is secure, underground parking at the California Market Center for a $6 flat-rate during Unique LA. There are also numerous outdoor parking lots surrounding the building.
$10 admission gives you access to both days!

Don’t forget to come by and say hi! :D We’ll update with our booth location as soon as we know.

Click here to go to Unique USA’s site for more info about the upcoming event and future events!

Lomo LC-A Print

Lomo LC-A Print

The Lomo LC-A was my first introduction to “toy” cameras. While I really do prefer my classic fully manual cameras, I went through a short toy camera phase and found very little satisfaction in the super low end $20ish Lomo cameras. But this camera, the Lomo Kompakt Automat was not like the others. The images I would get back from the lab were often very unusual and dream-like and even better, they had a greater reliability for a proper exposure. I got the original Russian one in the late 90s, where I would take this camera to clubs and raves thinking it wouldn’t be too much of a sacrifice if something were to happen to it (even though for a “toy” camera it still was relatively expensive). The interesting thing about this little gadget is the shutter would stay open until the exposure metered correctly, so it was necessary to set the right ISO when loading your film, wielding really amazing night time light trails in the right shooting environment.

Lomo LC-A Print

Ironically enough, mine did eventually stop operating, but I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for it. I really didn’t think I would care if something happened to it, but I did feel sad when it stopped functioning properly. I hung onto it for years until I finally decided it was junk and couldn’t find anyone to repair it (the warranty was far beyond over). It is and always will be the original Lomography camera.. it launched the worldwide movement that we know today as Lomography.

Click here to see it on Etsy!

Leica M6 print

Leica M6 print now on Etsy

I know it took far too long for me to get this print up into my store, but there’s been so much going on since early May– from Unique LA to Patchwork Show to Unique Camp! In saying that, both shows were a resounding success, and Camp was definitely an experience that will stay with me forever. I’m considering going back to make more memories next year and maybe eventually see about conducting my own workshop to inspire others as well! I wasn’t much of an outdoors person before– not that I am now, but it was such an exceptional experience that made me appreciate it much more than I expected. I think it helped that there weren’t mosquitos or any other extreme conditions. Only thing I’d change is next time I’d know what to expect and pack with better preparation.

And now back to the Leica print, I’m so excited that it’s finally available on Etsy now! I created it because well.. I’ve never had the pleasure of owning a Leica, but until the day I do, it’s the closest thing I can get in the meantime. I think many others agree too .. out of all the prints we offer it seemed to be the clear favorite at both shows.

Leica M6 print by Robinina

The illustration itself is a clean and modern interpretation of the Leica, stylized with detailed halftones and textures. Take a look at the closeup and see for yourself!

Leica M6

Click here to see it on Etsy!

social media icons by Robinina

A free social media icon set

Over the weekend I spent a lot of time with Mom (for Mother’s Day), hung out with a friend for her semi casual belated birthday celebration, and ….. searched the internet. I spent more time than I expected to searching the internet for a set of social media icons that would be perfect for my website. Why? It wasn’t that I was overly picky in my search, but rather that all the great ones either didn’t have a particular network that I really needed an icon for, they were available for a monetary price, or some little detail about them just didn’t suit my needs. Seeing as I was perfectly capable making what I wanted and that I was just being lazy going about doing it, I rolled up my sleeves to just get it done already.

I didn’t want my efforts to go to waste, so I wanted to make them available for anyone to use. You can alter/edit them in any way for your purpose, but just let me know in the comments section so I’ll feel better that it was useful for SOMEONE! One thing I politely ask .. please don’t sell them!

OK I already think/know I’m long winded (I get it from my Dad), so let me just break it down for you–

The social media icon set includes items from the following networks:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Etsy
  • Twitter
  • Dribbble
  • a globe looking “web” icon (any better suggestions for this?!)

And finally, in regards to the actual icons:

  • the download included is JUST the vector file. I’m assuming whoever needs them is relatively proficient enough to make them work; edit or alter them any way you see fit!
  • I’ve included both the rounded and angled corners for all varieties of colors
  • I intend to make this an ongoing project, so if you have any suggestions for other networks to add, post them in the comments and I’ll happily include them on the next round.
  • Later down the line I may include a raster set for less-pixel-savvy people.
  • Again, please don’t sell them. That is all I ask.

Screenshot of vector file - Social Media Icons by Robinina

Hope you can appreciate the simplicity of the icons! As you can see, I’ve already integrated them into my super simple social menu on the right menu. Enjoy!

Link to Download

Robinina at Unique LA Spring 2014

Unique LA Spring 2014 Recap

Our first experience at Unique LA exceeded our expectations! Well, that and to the fact that we pretty much had none since it was our first show anywhere! We were very humbled to get the opportunity to participate amongst so many other incredibly talented and hardworking makers and designers. The constant rush was exciting, and at some moments stressful, but wow.. it was such an exhilarating experience all on its own.

The event was two days long and we were very fortunate that our friend Mei volunteered to help us out; without her our experience would’ve had a LOT more difficulty starting out. She had done somewhat similar trade shows before so it was great to have an extra body to help orientate us into the routine of fetching products, talking to our guests, cleaning up and maintaining the booth’s appearance while we were busy trying to wrangle the traffic in our spot. By the second day, we felt a lot more confident about the non-stop rush so she was able to join us later in the afternoon. Throughout the day, so many of our amazing and supportive friends and family came to see us. We felt lucky to have so many supporters at our first show.

All in all, it was such a great rush. We expected the day to go by slowly, and we were worried about our booth being a ghost town, but it was rarely like that. We constantly had a flurry of activity and in a mere few blinks, it was almost time to shut down. We are so proud of what we were able to accomplish for our very first show and are eager to bring more improvements to our next experience. Just between day one and two, we had made small adjustments to our booth that had made a noticeable difference in how our guests would approach us or look at our products. We are already looking forward to our next Unique LA!

A special note to our guests: Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us!! We truly value feedback that comes directly from our visitors, because it helps us understand how to improve our experience. Not only that, but we truly enjoyed and had FUN throughout the entire experience. The glow that I got after Unique LA didn’t wash off for at least a week. We cannot wait for the next one!

And last but not least, while I was greatly on edge to make sure I was providing my constant attention to every moment, I didn’t get the chance to take any of my own photos! Thanks to everyone who was generous enough to let me use their images for my blog and other publishing outlets.. It would have been very tragic if I couldn’t look back at some photos of FIRST show ever! THANK YOU!!

Patchwork Show - May 25, 2014

Come see me at Patchwork Show in Long Beach!

Great news! I’ve been accepted to participate at Patchwork Show in Long Beach on May 25th! If you’re in the neighborhood or live nearby, I would love for you to come and say hi!

5255 Paoli Way
Long Beach, CA 90803
May 25, 2014
price: FREE!!! :D

click on the image below to see a larger version:
Patchwork Show - Spring 2014

It will be my first show outdoors, and I’ve heard lots of scary stories about wind picking the tent up and blowing off, so I hope it’s a hospitable day! There’s more information about the location and venue here at Patchwork Show’s website. It’s pet friendly! I wish I could bring my little Zoe, but I think I will be fairly occupied wheeling and dealing my goodies.

Here’s the Facebook event page if you wish to RSVP.

Finally, follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to keep updated for some new products that I’ll be debuting at Patchwork Show in Long Beach!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Mother's Day Cards - cover

Mother’s Day Card – To the woman who taught me to appreciate the finer things in life

Having thought about what my mother’s greatest influence was on me, it was definitely her appreciation for all the finer things in life. It might’ve a slower process for me to get to the level in which I’m at now, but she was always cooking us really good food from quality ingredients and it wasn’t until I got to my adult life that I realized this. She’d buy me fancy designer clothes that I didn’t yet appreciate, and maybe withheld from giving me even better because of my early ignorance. She took me to the grocery store and taught me how to choose meat and fresh vegetables for dinner and to recognize a good value when I see it. So, in thinking about what kind of message I wanted for my mom in creating a Mother’s Day card, I came up with what I felt to be a perfect homage to her speciality. I’m sure she could’ve been disappointed at the time I finally flew the nest to head off on my own, but I think she realizes I finally started to catch up with her ;)

Mother's Day Cards - cover

Mother's Day Cards - inside message

Aside from that, I can easily see where she got her influence from as well.. her traits are akin to my grandma who is still super stylish and elegant, even in her sprout 80s!

In saying all this, I’ve made this card available in my Etsy shop for you to pick up for your mom too! I have no doubt that your great taste was in some way influenced by your mother, and she would appreciate hearing it from you. Go on, don’t procrastinate! Click here to see the card on Etsy!

Craftcation 2014

Robinina goes to Craftcation 2014

Sooo, what did you do this past weekend? If you happen to be following me on Instagram or Twitter, then you might’ve noticed that I was posting a whole lot about the Craftcation 2014 Conference in the beach city of Ventura, CA. Since I had been interested in applying to sell my work at the Patchwork Show in Long Beach, I signed up for the Patchwork email list to get updates about the show and learned about Craftcation through their newsletter. They were hosting all these fun crafting and non crafting activities like Read more…

Save the Date - Robinina at Unique LA Spring 2014

Come see me at the Unique LA 2014 Spring Show!

I have such exciting news.. I’ve been accepted to participate at the Unique LA 2014 Spring Show! While I feel extremely proud to have made it to this stage, it is just a milestone and my work has only BEGUN in a major way. I have so many things I need to get together to prepare for the show including increasing production on my inventory, designing and printing promotional materials and last but not least, getting a display ready to entice my potential customers!

I invite all of you to come visit me at the Unique LA 2014 Spring Show. I will be there selling my usual prints, some totebags, notebooks, and other goodies with my designs! There are a lot of other things to see and do at the show, so I recommend you set aside some time to make your way through all of the other very hardworking and dedicated artisan creators. I still have yet to get the information about my booth number and such, so stay tuned for more info. You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter or like/follow me on Facebook for immediate updates.

Unique LA 2014 Spring Show
May 3-4 11am – 6pm
California Market Center
110 East Ninth St.
Los Angeles, CA 90079

And for anyone who doesn’t know what Unique LA is, you can read more about it here!